“Human trafficking creates a new subset of people living in homelessness.”

Richard A. Sands, MA/Ret. PI – Networking & Community Outreach Committee Chair of Senator Judy K. Emmons’ Citizens Advisory Board on Human Trafficking, Approves and indeed endorses the following message… Posted, shared and published by the Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition (See More Details and Information Below…) God Bless Senator Emmons, and thank you. http://www.michiganrescueandrestore.com/ldquohuman-trafficking-creates-a-new-subset-of-people-living-in-homelessnessrdquo.html

CoC Out Wayne County Human Trafficking

MSHDA will work to create intake questions to assist in identifying victims. In the meantime, the following screening questions were developed by an advocacy agency from Indiana: (Also, their entire screening tool and report is attached.)

1. Are you able to come and go from home and work as you please? If not, are you threatened if you try to leave?

2. Does anyone pressure you to do something illegal, or is someone profiting off of you?

3. Do you owe anyone a debt that makes you uncomfortable?

If the individual answers “yes” to any of these questions, we recommend you consider them a potential victim and question them further.

In general, victims of human trafficking qualify as homeless and can receive Emergency Solutions Grant funds. Human trafficking creates a new subset of people living in homelessness. Therefore, MSHDA will be working with state and federal government and advocacy groups to assist victims, and as information, policies, procedures, etc. become available, it will be forwarded to you. If you feel a victim has come to your agency, contact your MSHDA Homeless Assistance Specialist and we will work to assist.

Brochures on human trafficking will be distributed next week at the Summit. For information and/or brochures, go to www.project-liberty.com.

http://www.outwaynehomeless.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/human-trafficking-id-tool.pdf Human Trafficking ID Tool

http://www.outwaynehomeless.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/human-trafficking-of-children-in-the-us-used-2013.pdf Human Trafficking of Children in the U.S. 2013

http://www.outwaynehomeless.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/commercial-sexual-exploitatin-of-children-csec-youth-homelessness-naeh-2013.pdf Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) & Youth Homelessness, NAEH 2013

Ra - Sen Emmons and Steph's law 1239939_654235234595682_541792559_n


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